These are the 4 questions you need to ask a prospective cleaning company

Published On: November 29th, 2023

Selecting a new cleaning company demands careful consideration. The prospect of poor performance, a chaotic start-up, or increased complaints can be worrisome. For a service without worries, it’s important to ask questions to possible cleaning companies. While these questions won’t unveil every detail, they serve as a guide to assess the suitability of vendors for your facility.

What is your process for hiring and training team members? How much do you pay?
The caliber of individuals responsible for cleaning your facility significantly influences the quality of service. It’s essential to have confidence that your chosen vendor follows a robust process for hiring, pays employees fairly, and provides thorough training. A company with a well-defined process, including a competitive hourly wage, meticulous hiring procedures, and comprehensive training, is more likely to deliver a positive experience.

Can you describe your service model?
Understanding the service model employed by a janitorial company is crucial for ensuring your expectations are met. Some companies lack a substantial service model, merely sending cleaners and responding to complaints. To attain the peace-of-mind service you desire, inquire about the startup process, inspection frequency, managerial presence, and the scheduling of partnership meetings.

Who will be responsible for servicing our account?
This question probes into the use of local management by the janitorial company. When your facility is serviced nightly, having local management is essential. Additionally, investigate the operational structure, seeking clarity on-site visits, complaint resolution, handling extra work requests, and overseeing the cleaning staff. A reputable cleaning company should provide satisfactory answers to these aspects.

Can you provide me with a list of three references of similar size companies?
Requesting references is a standard practice, but the focus here is on securing references from companies comparable in size and scope to your facility. While a company might excel in servicing small office buildings, it may face challenges with larger facilities like surgery centers or manufacturing plants. Quality references from similar facilities indicate the potential for a successful partnership with the janitorial company.