“I Need a New Cleaning Company”

“I Need a New Cleaning Company”

October 24, 2023

“I Need a New Cleaning Company”

4 Steps To Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Finding the right cleaning company for your facility can help you become more productive and offer peace of mind. In this article, we share four steps to help you find the right commercial cleaning company for your business.

Step #1 – Find a Local Cleaning Company or a Regional Company with a Local Office

Local, professional cleaning companies typically have the personnel and resources to provide a consistently higher level of service than national companies. Consistent service reduces complaints, leading to fewer distractions so you and your team can focus on your business. Be cautious when searching the internet for local companies, as many companies may appear to be local but are really marketing companies “posing” as local commercial cleaning companies – always verify their local address.

Step #2 – Prepare a Brief Summary of Your Cleaning Requirements

While it’s not necessary to provide a formal request for proposal (RFP) to potential vendors, providing a brief document describing your requirements is helpful. Items to clarify on this document include number of people working in the facility, hours and days you wish to have your facility cleaned (i.e., after 5:00 Monday-Friday), areas you want to have cleaned, location of dumpsters, etc. Most reputable cleaning companies will provide a summary scope of work document to help in this step.

Step #3 – Invite Potential Vendors to Your Facility

While receiving a reasonable proposal from a commercial cleaning company without this step is possible, allowing a potential cleaning vendor to “lay eyes on” your building will produce better results. The primary purpose of this site visit is to enable prospective cleaning vendors to gather the information required to estimate the hours needed to clean a facility. Vendors will collect the following information: flooring types, space density, the existing state of cleanliness, ease of entrance and egress, working conditions, etc. Use this time to ask questions about their company, their approach to service and staffing, and provide information about how you would like to receive their proposal and service agreement.

Step #4 – Conduct a Brief Meeting with Your Finalist(s)

Once you have received proposals from prospective vendors, hold a brief in-person or video meeting with each to review their proposal details and clarify any remaining questions. In this meeting, you can ask about potential start dates, clarify language in their service agreement, gather information needed for vendor onboarding, etc.

These steps will help you and your team find a commercial cleaning company to meet your needs and hopefully help you find a vendor that wishes to serve you for years to come.